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Master Scene

In this section we'll see how to import the medias / compositions / scenes inside of the Smode project through the Master Scene.
The master scene is a collection of Medias, Compo and Scene. This is where you stack your content and then use a Timeline or a Cue List to encode the show.
Inside a Scene you have all the same options than in regular Compo, the main difference between both come from the content Targets. As seen on the image below, any content can be send through different Content Map and Virtual Screen.

This basically mean that you can do real-time compositing directly on the stage with all it's complexity :
Each layer is affected through one or many content maps combined with a Blending mode. On the following images you'll see every targets inside the green square and the blending modes inside the red square. In this example from the example pack, you'll see the text "perspective"3D virtual screen target using a perspective mapping to cover all tree surfaces Content Maps.
The layer is set in “multiply” Blending Mode


Scene - A scene is a multi targeted composition


Mentioned: Compo, Content Map, Cue List, Scene, Timeline and Virtual Screen.