XR-Create the Screens

LED walls and Internal Processors

1) Create the floor

Let's begin with the creation of the floor of your set-up:
-Inside your Stage Create a 1st Planar Led Screen with internal processor

- Set the pitch/size and resolution of the Internal Processor of the LED screen as the floor of the LED screens you dealing with.
-Rename this Planar Led Screen as Floor (or something else.)
Beginning with the creation of the floor is more an advice than an obligation. The important things to know is that the first Planar Led Screen of your stage will be used as reference for the XRCalibrate step.

Create the walls

You can duplicate twice the Floor led Screen and place and rotate those copies to create the classic Half box of a XR set-up.
Rename them "Right" and "Left" (or something else too, you are free after all...)
We can now go to the next step: Camera tracking.

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