XR Calibration procedures

Calibrate your XR Studio

Calibration may be the most important part for XR projects. This give a coherent picture when you do virtual production and set-extension.
To begin the calibration part, right click on the Physical Camera -> Tool -> Calibrator ->XR Calibrator .
You need to attach the Video Inputto the associated input device in order to make it work. The calibration procedure is here to create a correct visual bridge between the real world (recorded by the camera) and the virtual world (generated by Smode).
There is 3 different Calibrator: It's important to respect the order of those calibration. The Geometry calibrator need the informations gived by the latency. The color Calibration need the informations provided by the geometry calibrator and the latency. In order to calibrate a XR Project, you need to do it in this order: 1)Latency -> 2)Geometry -> 3)Color
We advise you to take a look at the points detailed in the topic Sanity Check for XR setup before processing to a XR-Latency Calibration

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