Make a set-extension



Set-extension is the last part of a XR project. This consists in sending the final stream, composed of the camera stream to which we add the virtual layout above. This has to be done with a dedicated Processor in which we have to put first the Video InputIn order to avoid delay between the camera stream and the extension, a technique must be followed:

Synchronisation of the Extended

Inside the dedicated Processor and above the Video Input, create a Compo.

1) Make the Compo use as main camera the Physical Camera of your Stage. Create a Sphere with a Surface auto-illumate Setted and in Both Side mode.

2) In the Surface Component, create another Compo with 2 perspective Camera.
Add a Frame Delay and the Element
Expose the FOV parameter of both camera on the same exposed parameter.
  • The control of the latency ( the same value calculated by the latency calibrator calculated during the Calibrate a XR Set-up)
  • The Fov of the reprojection (the over-scan) depending on the speed of the movement

3) the 2 camera need to be in Link To Tracker placement mode. - the "ExtendedprojPresent" is filming the current time and is render is delayed by the frame delay - the "ExtendedMappingDelay" is projecting the render to the Geosphere with a delay on it's position
4) the 3d channel with the content
5) the mask to blend the extended and the LED wall

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