How to Session

A Session is a sharing environment of the same project for multiple Smode engines. To render larger resolution or for a Main

Smode creates a default session with the computer name.

You can leave, rename or create a new session, but also join a session of another Smode in the network.
All computers of the Session have the same project in the same state.


  • Before creating your session its better to have your output device created
  • Media directory owning the project should have been configured with the same label on all server previously.
  • Other Media directory owning the media should have been configured
  • All medias referenced by this project should be manually replicated to other machine with external tool: for instance.


1) On your master server Create or Rename your session and set it to the master server
Master server is the server responsible to host the reference version the Project. For instance, if your network or servers are shutdowns and users continue to modify the project on each server, when the network and servers will go up, all computers will download the project version owned by the master server.
So ensure that the master server always owns the last version of the project, else you will have some change loss.

2) Join the session with the others servers. ( you can connect as a remote to them How to Remote connection Connecting as a remote connect your UI to the distant rendering engine of another server Read More for this )
3) Now if you reopen the configure Session popup, you can see both server and their Output
4) you can now open or create a project and start working.
Each server will render the part of the content that is needed for its output
You can disable this behavior by enabling the option "Disable PerServer Content Loading" in the network part of Engine Preferences General preferences of Smode's rendering engine. Add here your Device: midi controller, OSC, video, audio etc. Read More on a computer where you want to see all the content

Now every change that you make on one computer will be synced with the other one on the network

Main and Spare

If you want to set a computer as a backup of another one and compute the same Pipeline Define how video content is processed in a project Read More output. You can set the spare of option in the Session Server session server are server known by a Session. If they are online, their will be impacted by all Session project changes. Read More
there is no automatic fail detection you need to switch from the main and spare manually with a switch grid for example

Show Playback

For your show to be in perfect sync you should Bind the Show Timelines to Timecode Let timecode Rule the show Read More

Output or Device not appearing in the project

if you have created your Device after joining the session and does not see them.
Refresh them using the option in the Network menu from the concerned computer.
if this does not solve your problem for Output, disable the automatic output creation and recreate them from the pipeline from the master Server

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