Smode 9.2

What's new in 9.2?

NotchLC playback

You can now import NotchLC video in Smode just like any other media.

People Masks

Clip a personn in frame.


Remove the noise in frames.


Increase the scale of any type of media without loosing details in frames.


introduce the MatteTextureModifer for virtual production.

update NDI from v4.5 to v5.0

Take benefits of every features allowed by NDI 5 with Smode.

Major Timeline optimization loading Speed

Huge timelines take leess time to load.


A dedicated shader for color analysis.


Filter in element and file tree

find your files and layers more quickly thanks to the implementation of filters for the search toolbar.

Tecnocrane and MoSys

Support of TechnoCrane Tracking Data
  • Fix: Select and Delete multiple calibration State
Pipeline / Stage:
  • New: Animation is now imported with the FBX file in the Stage
  • Fix: Ugly Test Pattern Generate a Test Pattern Read More aliasing when simulating with stage preview
  • Fix: num DMX channels After in fixture have no effects
  • New: Add support for BRG led format in DMX
2D / 3D:
  • Fix: Take texture alpha into account when writing the shadown map
  • Chg: Perspective Interpolation Interpolation between two different perspective placements Read More use an unbounded % as current position
  • Fix: EXR file alpha is enabled by defaut when the channel is available
  • Fix: Interpret Alpha is not properly restored on videos after reopennig the compo or project
  • New: Custom grid size in Test Pattern Generate a Test Pattern Read More texture generator
  • Fix: Modifiers on 2D Text Generate a text image with custom colors, font and justification. Read More are too costly
  • Chg: update Visual Studio runtime from 2015 to 2019.
  • Fix: Per Server Loading now affect the Internal Processors
  • New: support of DeltaCast interface 6G_2081_10_DUAL, 12G_2082_10_DUAL, 4x6G_2081_12 and 4x12G_2082_12
  • New: Deltacast Genlock standard autodetection and change detection.
  • New: Deltacast Display incomming SDI detected standard.
  • New: Add axis flipping options to FreeDDevice
  • Chg: PosiStageNet tracking now use a Tracking System To visualize tracked points using a tracking device Read More stage Element
  • Fix: Drag and Drop a parameter that already exist in a timeline delete it's keyframe
  • New: Better Helper for Cameras ( an Arrow to know the top of the camera and aspect ratio for Physical Camera )
  • New: .optic file does not need any .bin anymore
  • New: "Split" in timeline select the second block created
  • New: Timeline focus the view on the row of a parameter newly added inside it
  • Fix: Wrong scale on mask helpers when sending to mapping and looking at content map
  • Chg: FPS Meter widget is used inside Unreal connections Device
  • Chg: Do not gray cuelist item descriptions when they are locked
  • Fix: Del keyboard shortcut do not work on Pipeline Editor
  • Chg: Automatic friendly name for single-layer compos
  • Fix: Edition mode not usable with Perspective interpolation
  • Fix: When selecting a tracker it displays the helper of the cameras connected to it
  • New: UI state of Editors tabs are saved and restored for each compo or project
  • New: Selection is restored when switching between the content and pipeline
  • Chg: Enhance look and feel of 3D viewports grid
  • Chg: Add Render (Ctrl+Shift+A) now propose to duplicate links
  • fix: exposed parameters under a element block where called 'value' inside timeline

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