Smode 9.1

What's new in 9.1 ? (22/04/2021)


Unreal Integration

Python Integration

Project have now exposed parameters

In the media folder,Project pannel and Full project, the first parameter bank of the content, the stage and each processor are availables

Full ChangeLog of Smode 9.1

These features are available in all editions of Smode.
2D & 3D:
  • New: "Link to" in parametric 2D placements for linking one layer to another layer
  • New: Link To Tracker Link To Tracker3D placement to use with a Tracking System
  • New: Auto-illuminate Surface geometry renderer AutoIlluminate Surface
  • Chg: separate RGBA components for Invert Modifier
  • Chg: update OpenJPEG from v1.5.1 to v2.0.0

UI & UX:
  • New: Copy and Paste of keyframes in timeline from one element to multiple target elements
  • New: Drag and Drop of a parameter from multiple selected elements into a timeline
  • New: Copy and Paste into multiple elements in the tree
  • New: Project have now exposed parameters ( in the media folder,Project pannel and Full project) the first parameter bank of the content, the stage and each processor are available
  • Chg: Locked elements cannot be selected in the viewport anymore, both for single and multiple selection
  • Chg: "Go to" parameter in Timelines centers vertically on it + option to select all keyframes at once in the Timeline -
  • Chg: expose a parameter from the parameter editor changes the selection in the Element tree but does not lose the focus anymore
  • Chg: Project Parameters are now accessible via the pipeline panel
  • New: Warn if Projet timebase do not match engine timebase
  • Fix: Fade in - Fade out: Multiple selection is not affected by shapes modification #4781
  • Fix: Importing scene panel do not have scroll bar
  • Chg: to open new tab (like Engine/ memory...) in the file tab it need "Ctrl+Alt" shortcut
  • New: Control+Alt+S to enforce autosave when on air

  • New: Support of FreeD Tracking system
  • New: Support for multiple values atomic messages sent for an osc address.
  • New: Support of cross GPU SpoutVideoInput and SpoutVideoOuput (Nvidia Quadro Only)
  • New: Support of 16bits and HDR texture for SpoutVideoInput and SpoutVideoOutput
  • Chg: update to DeltaCast driver from v6.13.1 to v6.16.1 and GPU extension to v1.15 to add support for DELTA-12G-elp-h / 2i1c / Flex and genlock Out
  • Chg: OptiTrack use now a Tracking System stage Element

  • New: Support of Python Script
  • New: Delay Link Modifier (frame based)
  • New: Per server loading of tools (Smode Net)
  • New: Color Calibrator: optimization of image difference
  • Fix: Invert now does by default x * -1
  • New: Math Inverse link modifier for 1/x operation
  • Chg: update AtemSwitcher SDK from v7.2 to v8.5.3
  • New: Timeline in Animation bank can now be controlled by TC
  • New: Import/Export camera model calibration into file: Physical Camera

Video Audio:
  • New: Batch transcode for multiple audio files.
  • Chg: image sequence import supports same Prores and Hap codecs as transcode
  • Chg: update Snappy to v1.1.8

  • New: Support of GPU Selection on Nvidia Quadro.
  • New: TimeBase presets 23.98Hz & 47.95Hz for Film NTSC.
  • New: Configuration of CPU core affinity in configuration:Engine Preferences
  • New: custom NDI group or source ips for better discovery: Engine Preferences
  • New: Engine external clock synchronization
  • New: Limit disk space allocated to log files: Medias directories
  • Fix: Precision issue when moving placements inside large content maps / resolutions
  • Chg: update from Spout from v2.006 to v2.007
  • Chg: update Eigen from v3.2.5 (June 16 2015) to v3.3.7 (December 11 2018)
  • Chg: update Ceres from v1.0.1 (May 02 2012) to v1.14.0 (Mars 23 2018)
  • Chg: update Wibu CodeMeter from v7 to v7.20a
  • Chg: update NSIS v3.03 to v3.06.1
  • Chg: Frame Accurate Cues Playback
  • Fix: Import external content and scene into master scene create duplicate

See the changelog of Smode 9.0

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