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Configure the Video Output

Display your content on a second monitor and accelerate fps

If you want to display content with Smode, you need to configure the Output Windows size and placement through Video Output. For this, use menu SmodeOutputMenu > Configure Video Outputs

Now apply the changes and eventually reopen preferences in order to have access to what follows :

You can also use the Bounds presets to fit a complete screen.

To avoid screen tearing you must enable Video Outputs Vertical Synchronization. This limits the frame rate to the display device frequency.
Do not forget to apply changes before closing Preferences Panel.
The Diffuse check box toggle the creation of the Video Outputs rendering Windows.
Its also available with the Outputbutton of the main Smode toolbar, or with the [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Alt]+[W] keyboard shortcut.
This shortcut can be useful when this windows recover your Smode user interface.
To obtain best performance, you need to activate the On Air button on the main Smode toolbar.
When On Air is active, Smode disables all features consuming resources unneeded by the diffusion process. This includes Document visualizer computation. It can be toggled with [F9] keyboard shortcut.

You can read computing frame time (in millisecond or in frame per second) in the bottom right of the status bar. Your frame rate must be greater or equal to your display device frequency to avoid frame drop stuttering.

Also take care at the GPU MEM level that indicates the proportion of the graphics card memory that is currently used. This indicator should always remain green. Otherwise: close other applications using the graphics card, close documents you don’t use, lower your compo/texture resolutions or simplify your compo.


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