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DMX Output

Video Output Device - Use DMX screens

This feature is only available in Smode Station.
DMX Video Output Device allow to send texture via DMX or ArtNet into led systems.


  • Fixture Tile Resolution If the screen is composed of multiple fixture tile, this represent the pixel resolution of each tile, must be a mutiple of DMX output resolution. Else, if their is only one tile, this must be equals to the output resolution.
  • Color Format Is the color format of the dmx output
  • Color Depth Is the color depth of the dmx output
  • Fixture Channel Count ( Positive Number (Optional)): Is the total footprint of each fixture tile in DMX Channels. This allow to jump to the next fixture automatically. This allow to have fixture owning not only DMX color channel but other controller before and after the screen channel. Note that if a fixture cannot fit in an universe, the next universe is used with the same Channel offset. Note that if many fixture are present, the next Universe are used automatically, the next Network can be used if 256 Universe are full.
  • pixel Gap