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Video Input Device

Device - Video Input Devices are device allowing Smode to grab video stream

Video Input Device car be used to grab from hardware capture card, webcam or inter-process texture exchange.

On windows you can use Direct Show driver, or specialized driver when available to perform high latency frame capture. To select the video input device, just go inside preferences (F11) then add a video Input device:

Then to get the video signal into your compositions, just use a Video Input


  • Size Resolution of the current video input device picture in pixels (Read Only)
  • Frame Count And Rate Frame count and rate of the video input device (Read Only)
  • Frame History Size Frame history size of the video input device. This allow to made the framerate computation more or less precise depending of the latency needs
  • gammaValue
  • blendFields


Direct Show - use Direct Show Video as Input

Delta Cast - Use Native Delta Cast Video as Input

NDI Input - Grab NDI stream

Spout Input - Receive video stream from Spout (check : Configure Spout)

ASPhoenix - Use Native ASPhoenix Video as Input

OptiTrack - Use infrared video stream

Vision RGB - To use DataPath

Syphon - Receive a video stream through Syphon


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