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Configure DirectShow for Blackmagic

Blackmagic support in Smode use Microsoft DirectShow filter for now.
This was tested with Blackmagic UltraStudio SDI USB3 and BlackMagic Utrastudio MiniRecorder hardware.
Here some instruction to configure Direct Show in Smode :
  • The Colorspace must be HDYC and the Override video Mode forced.
  • The user need to know exactly witch kind of signal is captured, (59hz, interlaced...) else it capturing stuffs but display black textures.
  • The 10bits mode is still not supported.
  • Decklink direct show filter still do not work, Blackmagic WDM capture must be used instead.
  • At first settings, it seems that Smode need to be restarted to appreciate the changes.
To test your setting, just create an empty compo [Ctrl]+[N] and add a Video Input Layer.
Then go to the Preference Panel [F11] in Video Inputs row.
Add a new Video Input and use the "BlackMagic WDM Capture" device
Then apply changes. Expand the Video Input not and click on the "Device Properties" button to the correct Display Mode by overriding the video mode
Remember that DirectShow 10 bit pixels format is not supported by Smode yet.
Then click on Stream properties button and enforce HDYC color space
Then you can restart Smode, to ensure those changes are correctly interpreted by BlackMagic DirectShow filter.


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