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Ray Traced Shader

Special Layers - Create Shaders with interactive Camera

This feature is only available in the current beta version of Smode and is not yet officialy supported.

This feature is a non supported one and may be absent from your version of Smode. We do not provide support for this feature
Allow to get Shader Toy Generator or to create Shaders in the same way than in Shader Generator but with the possibility to make them react with the Smode Camera.
Here is an example from the default preset pack:


  • Blending Mode ( Blending Mode): How this ray traced shader gets blended
  • Image Image of the ray traced shader
  • Dynamic Variables (Custom Shader): Dynamic variables of the ray traced shader
  • Depth Test Depth test of the ray traced shader
  • Depth Write Depth write of the ray traced shader


Standard Presets: Lamogui's Meduses.


Mentioned: Camera, Shader Generator and Shader Toy Generator.