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Box Points

Surface - Display points of a geometry with Boxes

Display boxes on the place of each vertex. Way lighter than Instantiate but less versatile.
Box points, as any other point renderers can be displayed through several different referential:


  • Blending Mode ( Blending Mode): How this box points gets blended
  • Depth Buffer ( Renderer Depth Settings): Depth-buffer related settings
  • Referential Referential of the boxes, to align them along world / vertex / camera
  • Scale (3D Size in Meters): Scale of the boxes
  • Anchor ( 3D Position): pivot point of the boxes


Advanced Presets: Black and White, Black and White II, Brick I, Brick II, Brick III, Brick IV, Brick V, Brick VI, Checkerboard, Depth map shader, Floor, Floor II, Floor III, Fresnel Discard, Fresnel Shader, Graphic I, Graphic II, Grid, Marble I, Marble II, Metal I, Metal II, Pastel Colors, Pavement, Rock I, Rock II, Rock III, Rock IV, Rock V, Round Rocks, Sand I, Sand II, Sand III, Tiles, Tiles II, Toon, Wood I, Wood II and Wood III.


Hybrids: Midi Keyboard Function.compo.


In same group: Simple Points, Sprite Points, Ball Points and Vertex Referential. Mentioned: Instantiate.