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Emit Particles

3D Modifier - Emit Particles from a geometry

As say it's name, emit particles from a geometry. For further informations about particles systems, go check this part of the doc : Particles
This modifier can be added over an existing particle system to make some trails. But this can also be done with Emit Particle Action. Go check the Particle Rule part of the doc. Beware that number of emitted particles represent the total of emitted particles. If you put this modifiers with a rate of 30 particles/seconds over o system containing millions of particles, you'll get 30 particles/second as a result.
Check this quick tutorial to see a little bit an extensive use of this modifier. This tutorial was made on an earlier version of Smode so the "place" modifier you see in use is the actual 3D Transform
Watch directly on youtube
Particles simulation speed can be adjust through their Cue Transport.


  • Fixed Update Rate ( Frequency (Optional)): Fixed update rate (better uncheck if too slow)
  • Emission Parameters Emission parameters
    • Seed ( Seed): How the random generator gets initialised
  • Directions Direction sampler. Is displayed inside the Element Tree
  • Fields (List of Fields): Field can be added from a right click over the particles modifier
  • Rules (List of Particle Rules): Particle Rule can be added from a right click over the particles modifier


Advanced Presets: Friction Time, I don't know what I'm Doing, Turbulence Streaks and Turbulence Streaks II.


Particles: Colorize Function (with emit particles).compo, Particles colored by layer (Colorize layer and Emit Particles modifiers).compo, Vector Fields (Normal Layer Field with Optical Flow).compo and Particle Rules - Kill particle based on color (with Color condition).compo.


Mentioned: 3D Transform, Cue Transport, Element Tree, Emit Particle Action, Field, Particle Rule and Particles.