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3D Modifier - Colorize all the vertex of the geometry uniformly

The simplest modifier, just to change the color of the geometry without condition using the Blending Mode and the previous vertex color to get the final color. In combination with 3D Mask, this can do powerful stuff.


  • Color Color of the colorize


Advanced Presets: White, Red, Green, Blue, Indian Red, Light Coral, Salmon, Dark Salmon, Light Salmon, Crimson, Fire Brick, Dark Red, Pink, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Deep Pink, Medium Violet Red, Pale Violet Red, Orange, Coral, Tomato, Orange Red, Yellow, Gold, Light Yellow, Lemon Chiffon, Light Goldenrod Yellow, Papaya Whip, Moccasin, Peach Puff, Pale Goldenrod, Khaki, Dark Khaki, Olive, GoldenRod, Magenta, Lavender, Thistle, Plum, Violet, Orchid, Medium Orchid, Medium Purple, Blue Violet, Dark Violet, Dark Orchid, Dark Magenta, Purple, Indigo, Slate Blue, Dark Slate Blue, Green Yellow, Chartreuse, Lawn Green, Lime Green, Pale Green, Light Green, Medium Spring Green, Spring Green, Medium Sea Green, Sea Green, Forest Green, Dark Green, Yellow Green, Olive Drab, Dark Olive Green, Cyan, Medium Aquamarine, Dark Sea Green, Light Sea Green, Dark Cyan, Teal, Light Cyan, Pale Turquoise, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Medium Turquoise, Dark Turquoise, Blue Klein, Cadet Blue, Steel Blue, Light Steel Blue, Powder Blue, Light Blue, Sky Blue, Light Sky Blue, Deep Sky Blue, Dodger Blue, Cornflower Blue, Medium Slate Blue, Royal Blue, Medium Blue, Dark Blue, Navy, Midnight Blue, Brown, Maroon, Sienna, Saddle Brown, Chocolate, Peru, Sandy Brown, Rosy Brown, Tan, Burly Wood, Wheat, Navajo White, Bisque, Blanched Almond, Cornsilk, Snow, Honey Dew, Mint Cream, Azure, Alice Blue, Ghost White, White Smoke, Seashell, Beige, Old Lace, Floral White, Ivory, Antique White, Linen, Lavender Blush, Misty Rose, Grey, Gainsboro, Light Grey, Silver, Dark Grey, Dim Grey, Light Slate Grey, Slate Grey and Dark Slate Grey.


Mentioned: 3D Mask.