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2D Layer

A single 2D Layer

  • 2D Generator: The Generator of a 2D layer represents a source of images. It can either be a still image, a video, a video input stream or a shader generating an image in real-time.
  • 2D Modifier: A 2D layer contains a chain of modifiers that are applied to the image of the Generator. A wide number of 2D modifiers are provided ranging simple colorimetry operations to advanced stylization effects.
  • 2D Mask: Any 2D modifier in Smode can be modulated with 2D masks that define for every pixel the level of application of the modifier. Masks enable numerous applications from traditional transparency-masking to advanced modulation of stylisation effects.
  • 2D Renderer: Once the image is modified, it gets rendered by its 2D Renderer. By default there is one such renderer, but it's very easy to turn it into a group renderer to get the layer displayed multiple times (without nearly any additional cost). Each renderer has an opacity and a blending mode and it is possible to add local modifiers on renderers.
To group several 2D objects, select them and press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [G] . This will have different effects if you choose 2D Renderer, 2D Modifier or 2D Generator. Either can have a different behavior. A group does not have a resolution and is not rasterized.
If you want to create a Compo while grouping them, hit [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [C] .

Here is a little introduction to the Smode compositing engine:
Watch directly on youtube A 2D Layer works by generating an image, modifying it and rendering it.
Here is the overall structure of Smode layers:

Here is a little composition made from a lot of 2D layers (images, video, sprite-sheets) that run on Smode in real time :
Watch directly on youtube



2D: Placement Types.compo, N-Point Gradient.compo, Noise.compo, Polar Coordinates.compo and Gradient.compo.


2D Generator - The part of a 2D layer that generates an image

2D Modifier - Modify a 2D image

2D Mask - Define a 2D Mask applicable on any 2D Renderer or 2D Modifier

2D Renderer - Allow to actually display a 2D Layer

2D Placement - Defines a placement in 2D space

2D Renderer Effect - An effect that modifies the way a 2D layer is rendered

2D Group - Group of 2D Layer

Gradient 2d - Gradient 2d


Mentioned: 2D Generator, 2D Modifier, 2D Renderer and Compo.