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FAQ (frequently asked questions)


Why is smode displaying some ugly edges on sides of images when displayed as textures of 3D objects ?

Do not forget to put the 3D layer in the smode tree in the same order as they are displayed in the 3D space. Doing that smode will perfectly compute every single little pixel and give you a nice and shiny render. The same thing apply when doing a repeat over a geometry, always think of this order.


How can I warp a 2D layer ? I don't understand how work the modifier.

Well, there is a warp modifier of course, but also a simpler way to do so, select your layer, change it's type by perspective/bezier or any other type and turn the edit mode on :


How do I make a camera mapping ?

Well, that is a complicated topic that we will cover with tutorials in the near future, but so you know, just use the modifier named "UV camera mapping" in modifiers->Attributes->UV Camera mapping and select the camera you want to use as a projection camera. Now the image inside the surface components (diffuse/bump etc.) is projected with the selected camera.

Do not forget to verify the vertical and horizontal FOV of the selected camera if the projected image is stetched.


Why when trying to browse a folder like when I want to export a video, smode freeze ?

Well if you get this issue by clicking on the area circled in red above, just click "Alt" or "alt+Tab" and bim...out of trouble.


How can I get rid of aliasing ? Is there a way to configure the multisampling ?

Of course it is, select the composition in which are your 3D layers or Imported FBX, go in advanced mode and put the multisampling as you want. Note than on every 2D layer (composition / Images / Videos) you can also configure the mip mapping and so Anisotropy...In case you were wondering why you get blurred textures on your 3D layers.

Why when exporting a video some of my animation seems frozen

If you have troubles while exporting a video with some animations that does not play it can come from several issues, the most commun is that before exporting a video from a composition, make sure to put the timeline launch mode as "restart with activation"

Another issue can come if you animate the same parameter in different functions but in the same timeline.