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Smode 8.6 is out !

We are proud to introduce Smode 8.6, a minor version that, as usual, comes with major features!
Here are some of the feature highlights:
Volume Layer / 3D LED Workflow: Model your LED setup in 3D space and send 3D volumetric content into it, it's as simple as this!

Parameter Bank States: A parameter bank now contains a table of parameter value states, which can be thought of as "presets", "memories" or simply "states". The content of this parameter states table can be imported from a .csv file.
Progress Bars: When Smode boots, you now will know what it's doing! We also added progress bars when loading document.

Many other changes and improvement are waiting for you. Read the full changelog of Smode 8.6.


User Interface - Documentation on Smode's User Interface

Compo - Content Creation and Compositing in Smode

Project - Define a full project with content, 3D stage and video mapping pipeline

Animation - Linear and non-linear animation

Other topics - Other topics: quick start, change log, licensing, launcher, ...

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