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Deliver world-class live experiences. On-time.

Smode Designer is the end-to-end toolchain for live professionals. It integrates content creation, stage simulation, and playback seamlessly. With real time performance at every step of the process, Smode Designer speeds up the overall creation cycle, and makes it more reliable. Experience the real time workflow: you won’t want to go back.

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Surprise your audience, not the operators.

Tweak your creations until last minute, see the result live, adapt to any unforeseen situation, and make the most out of your stage configuration.

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Smode Designer licence offers unlimited, watermarked input and output channels. Prototype any show in playback conditions, be it an interactive installation in a museum or a giant concert arena. When time has come to play, watermarks can be removed instantly for one month or more. With an ever-growing list of supported input and output protocols, there are no limits to your creativity!

Smode Designer's supported input / output channels:

IO channel required

SDI - DeltaCast

IO channel required

DMX / ARTNET / sACN-1U (512ch)

IO channel required

VR (Rift / S)

Direct Sound