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A realtime compositing tool

Discover another workflow

Smode developp continuously new features for content creators & stage designers in order to provide the all in one tools you need for show design and open the gates of 3D rendering workflow to the public

Discover the multiple possibilities offered by a realtime content creation software:

  • No rendering time needed. Change any parameters and see the result immediatly
  • Connect anything to a controller, such as midi or OSC
  • Be only limited by your GPU.

2D features

Layer based

Smode has been conceived by and for content designer and is only about layers, modifiers and masks.

Infinite associations

Combine 2D & 3D layers, effects, particles and shaders into powerful real-time compositions in a straightforward and scalable manner.

2D effects

As usual, every layers have their own blending mode.

An impressive list of 2D modifiers for color correction, distorsion, stylize,...

ISF modifiers integrated. Simply drag and drop it in the layer list!


Smode take HAP video file for better performance

  • Transcode to HAP directly in Smode
  • Import image sequence
  • Export your composition in video or image sequence
  • HDR/EXR files

Shapes & Masks

Basic editable shapes that can be displayed or used as masks.

  • Draw directly in Smode or import a SVG
  • Combine multiple shapes in Add, exclude, and other mergers types.
  • Specific effects for shapes
  • Convert a 2D text to editable shape
  • Extrude edge through functions

Reusable Assets

Happy of your work? Turn it into a modular brick that can be reused later.

  • Export a Composition with your own parameters
  • Store states of parameters
  • Export a group of modifiers as a your own "ready to be applied" single effects




3D Engine

In order to provide the best workflow for your production, Smode integrate the most popular Software & formats for realtime 3D rendering & content creation such as:


3D features

3D Files formats

Import your 3D models & animation.

FBX animations supported

Software  integrations

Generative 3D layers

Allready integrated layers & ligths for 3D design

  • Meshs: Box, Plane, Sphere, etc
  • Spline: Circle, Text, custom, etc
  • Points: Random, Grid, etc
  • Environement lighting: for PBR rendering with HDR/EXR map
  • Spot, point, directionnal, projector, etc

3D Rendering
  • PBR
  • Substance SBSAR
  • Basic Surface
  • HDR/EXR sprite points
  • 2D/Tubes lines
  • Blending mode between renderers

Particles System

Realtime particles system with custom field:

  • Gravity
  • Attractor/repulsor (powerfull when used with a tracking system)
  • turbulence
  • Custom effects appliable through the age
  • HDR/EXR sprite points
  • Custom sprite selector through age
  • Collision

3D modifiers

Modify any 3D layers with as many effects offered:

  • Colors & textures tint
  • Displacement with custom map
  • UVs modification
  • Points conversion to 3D meshs
  • Motion lines
  • Particles emission
  • And many others

A quick example that only use random points, rendered & composite differently

Controls & animations

Explore what the realtime rendering technology have to offers for animation. Visuals are no more "Time dependant" and can be animated without keyframes. Use traditionnal timelines, combined with independant loops and animation based on sensors and devices.

Animations & Controls


Combine many way to animates in 2D & 3D:

  • Timelines
  • Autoloops
  • Functions cues
  • Timemarkers


Fully adressable parameters

Connect every single parameter to an external device (midi, tracked camera, ...)

Link parameters together and change all at once with a single slider

Use text parameters to change the path of multiple media at once

  • Mathematical operation to smooth, clamp external datas
  • Make relationship between a parameters to a layer, to multiple parameters of others layers


Code by your own
  • GLSL editor integrated, to code your own shader
  • ShaderToy integration
  • PYTHON Script tool to instanciate dynamically any layers


Need to export your video ?

You will need to unlock IO Channels to remove the watermark.

Check the table below for more informations

File Formats

Apple Quick Time (.mov )

MPEG-4 (.mp4)

Image Sequence

MPEG-2 (.m2ts)

Matroska (.mkv)

Windows Media (.wmv)




Video Codecs

Open H.264

Hap ( without HAPQ & HAP Alpha)


HAP (GPU or Squish encoder )

Apple ProRas

Nvenc H.264 ( Nvidia card required)

QuickTime Animation

QuickTime MJPEG

Windows Media Video



Audio Codecs

Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)

ATSC A-52A (AC3)

Free Losless Audio COdec ( FLAC)

Pulse Code Modulation (PCM)





Render multiple views of a same scene in parallel. Particularly useful for 3D mapping Projects.