Integrated real-time compositing & media server software

Assemble your content and directly previsualize it in the simulated 3D stage, wherever you are, from concept to showtime.

A HIGH-END Media-server...

Born in France in 2007, Smode gradually became the tool of choice for operators & artistic directors and power 80% of tours in this country.

  • Ultra High resolution
  • Video Mapping
  • DMX/ARTNET output
  • and much more

...THAT RunS any XR studio...

Smode is the perfect tool to deploy and configure quickly your XR studio!

  • Corner, Curved and green box setup
  • Augmented reality
  • Set extension
  • Calibration tools

...and INTEGRATEs Unreal and NOTCH...

Drag and drop unlimited .umap files. Play them drectly from Smode via Unreal Editor or nDisplay.

  • Start and stop .umap directly from Smode via Unreal Editor or nDisplay!
  • Control Unreal exposed parameters from Smode.
  • Augmented reality and Set extension.

....WITH A realtime compositing ENGINE ...

Smode developp continuously new features for content creators & stage designers in order to provide the all in one tools you need for show design and open the gates of 3D rendering workflow to the public

  • 2D/3D content
  • Multiple post-fx
  • Layers based

...For advanced visual interactivity...

Encode your all your contents with cues, timelines and much more... and connect every single parameter to an external device (MIDI, tracked camera, ...)

  • Midi, OSC, and many other control input
  • Tracking system
  • Included python environment

And Unbounded usages !

Whether you are a visual artist, a scenographer, a stage professional or all of the above, Smode is the software to use for your most impressive events.

  • Art installation
  • Massive Show and events
  • TV-show and Broadcast
  • Stadium

Get started now:

  • Create realtime Visuals
  • Simulate your stage
  • Encode your show
  • Designing your own XR studio
  • and many more ...

Perpetual V9 License from 60€


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From the minimal light installations to massive video projection. Draw, compose, everything you want with every compositing features you need.


Create an accurate simulation of your Stage, start to organize the way you want to broadcast


Dispatch your video stream, set-up your input and output devices and scenarize your show

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and enjoy your work!