Smode Synth

Smode Synth is a real-time 2D/3D generative content and multi-layer compositing application. It can be thought as a real-time video synthesizer relying on the traditional tools of CG artists: layers, modifiers and masks.

Smode Synth can work with audio and video inputs, control inputs (midi keyboards and control surfaces, OSC, audio) and it’s visual output is refreshed in real-time either on an external display or through SPOUT.
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The essence of Smode Synth is to bring the fluidity and instantaneity of an audio creation software to the generation of animated images. Through its unique feature set, Smode Synth appears to be an extremely creative tool for generative VJing, interactive installations, real-time video effects, generative content creation, and much more! To unlock all these new creative possibilities for non-commercial projects, we decided to release Smode Synth, a free and fully usable version of Smode.

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Smode Synth 7.5

for Windows 7 x64 (requirements)

Version 7.5 - Changelog

* New: Introduce basic support for .obj, .3ds and .blend 3D files import
* New: Circular Bokeh and Star blur shapes
* New: "Effects" icons in menu
* New: Border 2d renderer effect
* New: Multiline support in 2d text layer
* New: Better helpers for sphere masks and Omni lights
* New: Propose to 'merge into' or 'control from' when dropping a Cue inside a Timeline
* New: Direct file drag and drop from a media directories to a timeline
* New: Provide combo-boxes to make it easier to configure audio buffer size and sample rate
* New: Mute video output for Spout only
* Change: Lorenz effect offers more control and has a better look when instantiated
* Change: UI runs faster (global ui optimizations)
* Change: UI has its warnings and errors displayed in the status bar
* Change: Updated Quick Start Panel
* Fix: Improved FBX Camera and Light position/orientation import
* Fix: Timeline blocks are not moveable/scalable when the timeline is inactive
* Fix: Cylinder cone bug
* Fix: fix the way timelines are evaluated when resetting their position
* Fix: Simple points renderers offer only the blending modes it supports
* Fix: Support of delete key in timelines
* Fix: Keyframed values are not kept inside presets
* Fix: Make 1px:px zoom fit really pixel perfect
* Fix: Colorspace support for BlackMagic video capture device


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