Smode Synth

Smode Synth is a real-time 2D/3D generative content and multi-layer compositing application. It can be thought as a real-time video synthesizer relying on the traditional tools of CG artists: layers, modifiers and masks.

Smode Synth can work with audio and video inputs, control inputs (midi keyboards and control surfaces, OSC, audio) and it’s visual output is refreshed in real-time either on an external display or through SPOUT.
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The essence of Smode Synth is to bring the fluidity and instantaneity of an audio creation software to the generation of animated images. Through its unique feature set, Smode Synth appears to be an extremely creative tool for generative VJing, interactive installations, real-time video effects, generative content creation, and much more! To unlock all these new creative possibilities for non-commercial projects, we decided to release Smode Synth, a free and fully usable version of Smode.

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Smode Synth 7.4

for Windows 7 x64 (requirements)

Version 7.4 - Changelog

* Introduced "preset librairies" (can be found in the standard pack)
* Parameter banks have their own presets (saved in the document)
* Local players can be saved in presets (presets can be animated)
* New Group ID Vertex Masks
* New Cylinder and Box Vertex Masks
* Better support of FBX (Cameras, Lights, Pivots)
* Improved performances when using blending modes
other than Normal, Screen and Linear Dodge
* Improved HAP encoder quality
* Support of u8 s32 float32 float64 audio formats
* Add "Auto Pre-rasterize" option for most of stylize modifiers
* Clarified when and how resolutions are inherited
* Renderer automatically added when using a 3d operator
that creates new type of geometry (point, line or surface)
* Made "3D Layers" menu more accessible
* Wireframe option in 3D viewport
* Improve behavior of element search tool in smode tree
* Updated Quick Start Panel and 3D Layer menu to be more user friendly
* Timelines helper to guide user first steps, and diverse UI fixes
* Fix: masks are rasterized at preloading instead of at each activation
* Fix: undoing a group generator with ctrl+Z resulted in a dump


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Smode Synth Extended Version

You want to extend the capabilities of Smode Synth for more specific projects?

Smode Synth XT unlocks three capabilities:
  • Content and output resolution go up to 2xHD 1080p
  • Compositions can be rendered offline and saved as video files
  • Multiple spout inputs and outputs can be used simultaneously

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