Smode Real-time
Compositing Suite

What is Smode?

Smode is a revolutionary real-time compositing and generative content technology developed by D/Labs. Thanks to real-time rendering, many things can be changed at the crucial — and most costly — time: when the stage, director, actors, lighting, sound, and cameras are available.

This turns Smode into an incredible booster of creativity and aesthetic that deeply changes the approach to video content encoding and manipulation in the event and entertainment industries.

Traditional Workflow

Please be patient...

Most simple graphical operations such as moving a layer, changing a mask or improving colorimetry traditionally imply the nightmare of re-rendering all the content a day before the event, an operation quickly taking hours and generating much stress.

The process of rendering, encoding and transferring huge video files becomes today a major bottleneck in the video artistic chain of events.

Smode's workflow

No more pre-rendering stress!

With Smode, making most graphical changes is the matter of seconds, instead of hours. Thanks to real-time rendering, the feedback is immediate and it becomes possible to explore combinations and adaptations of the content and to validate them directly on the field with the artistic director. To make this work, Smode relies on the concept of real-time compositions: pieces of content rendered in real-time, created by the content design team and finalized and displayed on-site by the operating team.

Real time compositing Suite
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Create Real-time Compositions

Fully designed for content designers -- no programming stuff: only layers, modifiers and masks.
When working with Smode, instead of delivering the content as huge monolithic video files, the content is delivered as real-time compositions that still can be edited/manipulated/modified.
Smode Studio relies on the traditional concepts of layers, modifiers and masks making it quite easy to learn for content designers with some background in compositing and 3D. Thanks to image, video and generative layers, assembling dozens of elements into powerful real-time compositions is done in a straightforward and scalable manner.

On top of its multi-layer engine, Smode Studio provides a powerful parameter exposition mechanism enabling the content designer to define open parameters that can then be changed at anytime before or during the show.

Playback Real-time Compositions

D/Labs started a partnership with Green Hippo to create a player of Smode real-time compositions integrated into Hippotizer. This player enables to playback Smode Studio's content and to modify the open parameters at anytime.

Smode player for Hippotizer will be available soon, contact us to stay tuned!

Live Edition & Playback
of Real-time Compositions

Smode Station is a full featured media-server built on top of Smode that enables to finalize or even to fully assemble real-time compositions in direct connection with the stage.

As a traditional media server, it enables to playback images and videos, but it actually goes much farther by acting as a real-time compositing station, in which you can edit every single graphical detail of the content in real-time directly on stage.

Smode Station has 6 Display Port 2.0 Outputs and integrates a full 2D/3D video mapping pipeline, enabling it to handle complex multi-projector and/or LED video setups.


Real-time Compositing, Generative Content, 3d Stage Simulation, Video Mapping, Cueing And Animation and Show Integration: a more in-depth look at all the features is available in the following page:

Detailed Feature List

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More about Smode


Smode is being developed since 2001 and is used by D/Labs since 2007 on a wide range of different events. The development of Smode has always been heavily influenced by this experience on the field. Here is a selection of projects from D/Labs, that have used Smode and impacted its development: Concerts Television Performing Arts Corporate Events


We started a collaboration with Alabama and Harkan to launch Smode Station in France.

Nous avons initié un partenariat avec les sociétés Alabama et Harkan dans le but de propulser Smode Station sur le marché Français.
One week training sessions are proposed near Paris by the Oliverdy training center.

Le centre de formation Oliverdy propose des formations de 5 jours pour Smode Station, avec des possibilités de prise en charge AFDAS, CPF et OPCA.