Smode Studio

Try the demo version of Smode Studio !
Restrictions: documents cannot be saved, watermarked output and video export.

Smode Studio Demo 7.6
for Windows x64 (requirements)
Because every project is different, your Smode Studio license is flexible.
Pay-per-use allows the license to adapt to you and your needs and helps incorporating software costs inside production budgets.
Don't pay more than what you need!

Unlocks can be bought on the website and activated on demand. You just need to own a Smode Studio dongle to do that.
It contains the following features:

  • Image, Video, 3D and generative layers
  • Midi, Osc, Audio and Video input
  • Baking and performance profiling tools
  • Spout in & out
  • Export to movie
  • Export to media server
  • Includes all updates of Smode
  • Dedicated support via email
  • Skype support of unlocks higher than 1500€

Contact us for special education version / independants rates, and for special rates for 5+ licences.
For one:
100€ The first time you rent Smode, you have to acquire a dongle to run it. This dongle only needs to be bought once.


100€ per Week
2.2 Mpx
1920 x 1200


200€ per Week
4.39 Mpx
3840 x 2400


400€ per Week
8.44 Mpx
4096 x 2400


600€ per Week
16.88 Mpx
8192 x 4800


800€ per Week

Community Edition

We believe that the community of visual artists has a strong role to play to promote the ideas of real-time compositing and generative/reactive content for digital arts. That's why we wanted to share Smode with the community from which it is born, and decided to release Smode Synth.
For free.

This version is intended to be used for personal and/or non-commercial projects only. It is limited to one HD live/spout output and is focused on real-time content generation: it has no video playback and limited video export.

  • Frequently updated
  • Image, 3D and generative layers
  • Midi, Osc, Audio and Video input
  • Spout in & out
  • Forum support

If you master Smode Synth, you'll become a Smode Studio expert in no time ! Also note that all the content made in Smode Synth can be opened in Smode Studio.

If you enjoy the software, say us hello on Smode users group. Sharing work you did with it on social networks to spread the word is a very concrete way of helping us ;)