Smode Studio

Smode Station

Do compositing live! For VJs, performers, motion designers, content designers
and stage designers.
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Full end-to-end real-time compositing workflow Benefit from the real-time workflow for concerts, theatres, TV stages, performing arts, events, conventions, museums, domes and more! [+] Read more
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Smode Studio enables to assemble dozens of graphical elements easily into powerful real-time compositions made of image and video 2D layers, 3D layers, particle systems and generative content.

Final rendering in Smode Studio is performed live and continuously: any modification in the composition is reflecting immediately onto the output.

The free version has no content resolution limits and enables to render to video up to HD resolution without watermark.

With Studio Live!, the rendering can be displayed directly on one of the graphics card output, or, it can be transmitted to another video mapping or VJing software compatible with Spout or NDI.
Smode Station is a full media-server software built on top of Smode’s compositing engine.

Smode Station brings live editing and compositing to one dimension above for all video professionals of the event industry. It can output up to 6x4K outputs in real-time, integrates well into complex show environments (MTC, LTC, Artnet, UDP, Tracking...). It has tremendous video playback capacities (read 13x 4K HAP video layers @ 50fps) and can be used at all steps of complex video projects, from the call for tender to the final playback.

Smode station is not just another media-server, it’s a workflow revolution!

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