Decompose Time
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Decompose Time

Tool - Decompose a clock or the current time into percentages (hours, days, seconds, etc.)

This tool allows you to turn a Clock Device into percentages that you can bind to parameters in your compo.
The clock can be based on a MIDI or audio input, or on the current time of the machine. This is all configurable in the preferences panel.
Once you created decompose time and binded it to a Clock Device, you can see


  • Clock Choice (Clock): Clock choice of the clock device used for time input
  • Month (Bounded Positive Integer): Month of the year, integer between 1 and 12 (Read Only)
  • Day (Bounded Positive Integer): Day of the week, integer between 1 and 7 (Read Only)
  • Hour (Bounded Positive Integer): Hour of the day, integer between 1 and 24 (Read Only)
  • Minutes (Bounded Positive Integer): Minutes of the current hour, integer between 1 and 60 (Read Only)
  • Seconds (Bounded Positive Integer): Seconds of the current minute, integer between 1 and 60 (Read Only)
  • Milliseconds (Bounded Positive Integer): Milliseconds of the current second, integer between 1 and 1000 (Read Only)
  • Continuous Day (Percentage): Percentage of the day that is completed (Read Only)
  • Continuous Hour (Percentage): Percentage of the current hour that is completed (Read Only)
  • Continuous Minute (Percentage): Percentage of the current minute that is completed (Read Only)
  • Continuous Second (Percentage): Percentage of the current second that is completed (Read Only)


See also Tool.