Video Projector
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Video Projector

Stage Elements - Virtual video projectors of Smode stage, used for real life mapping, usually directly connected to the Outputs

This feature is only available in Smode Station.

This section describes how to configured your virtual Video Projectors, adjust 3D mapping and 3D masks and also create some warp and transformations over your video projectors outputs.
Note that when you create a projector, it will literally see the 3D simulated stage and so every deformations will be automatically taken in account by the Video Projector. Still, even if doing a 3D mapping there is possibilities to do 2D mapping but in this case, go check the Processor part of the documentation.


  • Optics (Video Projector Frustum): Optics of the video projector. Which include shift / throw ratio and field of view.
  • Luminance (Video Projector Luminance): Determine the Video Projector Luminance in Lumens