Stage Elements
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Stage Elements

This section describes how to put every element to construct the stage

This feature is only available in Smode Station.
The interest of this step is to do a Stage Simulation. This can then be used in several different way in processes in which you'll need a 3D view of your stage.
For instance to use a 3D Virtual Screen or Create a stage pre-visualization through Processor.
You'll also need this step if you want to create a 3D mapping using virtual Video Projectors.

Stage Elements part is completely useless if you do only 2D led mapping. In such case you'll only need your master scene, some content maps and outputs
Inside this tab you will be able to create any kind of LED or projection surfaces. And also import a projection surface from a 3D File.
It is here you'll create the Video Projector and also the Camera for the Virtual Screen.
Every element you will use for the mapping will be accessible through this tab.


  • World Matrix (Matrix 4d): World matrix of the stage elements (Read Only)


Led Screens:

Led Screen - Screens with a pitch and a luminosity

Free Shape Led Screen - Turn any Smode primitive into a LED screen

Strip Led Screen - Has the same behavior as Led Screen but got only a length and a pitch

Planar Led Screen - Regular led screen

Tiles Led Screen - Is a Led Screen with tiles options


Stage Elements 3D Group - Group several stage elements

Surface - Define a projection surface

Mapping - Used to remap UV of a stage surface

Tracking System - To visualize tracked points using a Blacktrax