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General preferences of Smode's engine, allowing the customization of rendering parameters

On Air disables all features consuming resources unneeded by the restitution process. This includes the visualizer display. It can be toggled on and off with [F9]. It's also available in the toolbar at the top of the main window.

The option "Disable Aero On Startup" is only relevant if you use Windows 7. It can help some Nvidia GPU to perform better, and avoid frame drops. It is not recommended to check this parameter with AMD GPU.
To apply this change, you need to reboot Smode. Note that if Aero is already disabled on your system, unchecking this parameter will not reactivate Aero.

Graphics Context Configuration is reserved for advanced usage, and it is not advised to modify it.

"Requested Frame Rate" is the frame rate the Smode will target, here to check its stability. "Visualized Frame Refresh Rate" the frame ratio to be displayed in the visualizer. A value of 1 means that all frames should be displayed, 2 means one out of two only, 3 one out of three... This can help the user interface responsiveness with low hardware configuration.

"Auto Window Global Bounds" makes the Graphic Windows the size of all the video outputs together. It should not be disabled.

"Enable Automatic Preview" allows a background rendering task to compute your media directories previews and meta data. You can disable it if Smode is too slow when used on a hard drive over the network (NAS, other computer, ect)
This will only be executed when Smode is not On Air, this to avoid performance problems during show restitution.

"Current Canvas Unit" allows to switch from percentage, to pixels and meters (also available at the top of the main window).