Improve compositions quality
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Improve compositions quality

Here are listed several different way to increase a composition quality

First thing to use is going inside a Compo advanced parameters. Inside quality part of the composition parameters, uncheck "automatic", then you got here the multi-sampling and pixel Type parameters.
- Multi-sampling can help you improve quality of a composition containing 3D object. Effective until a value of 8, going above is a waste of performances. You can complete this effect with the Anti Aliasing.
- Pixel Type will help you changing pixel depth (8/16/32 bits). This will be very useful to have more precise gradients but especially to have a nicer displacement from a displacement map with a Displace.

If your displacement map is only an image (and so you don't have access to theses parameters) another way to transform a 8bit image into a 16bit one is just to add a Legacy Blur and turn it's pixel type to 16bits (or higher):

In terms of particles. If you see theses ugly artifacts due to bad alpha pre-multiplying:

...then just go inside of the sprite points renderers and either uncheck the depth buffer test and write (faster) or activate the depth sorting of the particles (slower but beautiful)