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Function that maps a number (percentage, time, etc.) to a value

Function edition is a very important process to master. It is used in many aspects of Smode: animation (cues and timelines), parameters exposition, mesh generation and more.
A function relates an input and an output. Those can be anything (change a position in function of time, change a color in function of the depth in a 3D scene, etc.). Functions end up being at the heart of a lot of things in Smode.

Here is an introduction to each function type you'll find inside of Smode, go inside the specified topics of the documentation for further informations.
You have access to 5 types of functions (depending on the element on which you are) : Each of theses functions types will be covered during the next chapters :



Keyframe - Function key with associated interpolation data

Keyframe Function - Define a function using keyframes


Function Editor - The editor allowing you to manipulate every Function inside of Smode

Parametric Function - A function that is defined by parameters (sine, square, noise, etc.)

Midi Keyboard Function - Take midi notes range from a Control Device as input to control a curve

Custom Function - Draw a function