3D Placement
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3D Placement

Defines a placement in 3D space

There are several types of placement for 3D objects. Camera as a particular Target Orientation Distance Placement for instance.
The placement of any 3D object can be change inside of it's parameters here :


Position - Define a 3D position in space

Position Orientation - A simple 3axis position/orientation into space to place any 3D element

Position Orientation Size - Define a Position,Orientation and Size in space

Target Orientation Distance - Default placement of a Camera

Position Target Roll - Got a position and a Target which determine the orientation of the object and the a barrel roll parameter

Rail - Allow to use the placement of your geometry to do rail animations

Free Position Orientation - Move any object freely

Position Quaternion - Uses quaternion algorithm for the rotation transformation of the object

Matrix - Non user friendly 3D transformations mainly used to import 3D File

Relative To Camera - As it say, take as reference your camera

Mirror - Mirroir mirroir, qui est la plus belle ?