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2D Modifier - Generate sparkles on top of the image

This modifier allow to spawn sprites on an image depending on the intensity of the source image. One presets of this modifier use a star shaped map to generate starglow.
Can be very useful to make some moving layers glitter. Like you'll see on the tutorial below:
Watch directly on youtube


  • Precision (2D Precision): Precision of the sparkles
  • Attraction Iterations (Positive Integer): Attraction iterations of the sparkles
  • Attraction Step (Percentage): Attraction step of the sparkles
  • Intensity Threshold (Percentage): Intensity threshold of the sparkles
  • Size (Unbounded Percentage 2D Size): Size of the sparkles
  • Size Function ( 3D Mask): Size function of the sparkles
  • Lightness (Percentage): Lightness of the sparkles
  • Source Level (Percentage): Source level of the sparkles
  • Sprites (List of 2D Generators): Sprites of the sparkles


Advanced Presets: Bokeh Straight, Star Carpet, Starglow, Starglow Light, heavy little sparkles and heavy little stars.