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2D Modifier - Draw lines on contrasted area of the image using edge detection

Create outlines on contrasted parts of the image. Kind of a cartoon effect. Better use a light Blur Modifier after this one. A similar but far less versatile effect can be done with the Depth To Normal


  • Size (Unbounded Percentage 2D Size): Size of the sobel
  • Threshold (Percentage): Threshold of the sobel
  • Edges Color (RGBA Color): Edges color of the sobel
  • Colorize Edges With Source (Boolean (on/off)): Colorize edges with source of the sobel
  • Draw Edges Under Source (Boolean (on/off)): Draw edges under source of the sobel
  • Source Level (Percentage): Source level of the sobel
  • Blending Mode ( Blending Mode): How this sobel gets blended


Advanced Presets: Illumination Sobel, Illumination Sobel Large, Multiplied Sobel and Sobel over source.


2D: Stylize Effects.compo.