Hue Saturation Luminance
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Hue Saturation Luminance

2D Modifier - Fly through color space

You know what is yellow and waiting?
Me neither.
Good one right?


  • Hue (Angle): Rotate the colors of an image without changing its lightness or its saturation
  • Saturation (Signed Percentage): Intensify the colors or reduce them (make it greyer)
  • Luminance (Signed Percentage): Adjust the lightness of the image


Advanced Presets: +20° Hue, -20° Hue, 180° Hue, Saturation +, Saturation ++, Saturation -, Saturation -- and Grey.


Particles: Particles (stars).compo.

2D: Motion Blur.compo.

Hybrids: Shared element (for texture and displace).compo.


See also Temperature, Vibrance, Color Balance, Exposure, Grayscale, Invert, Tritone, Red Green Blue and Brightness Contrast Gamma.