Radial Gradient
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Radial Gradient

2D Generator - This generator creates a linear gradient (by default from black to white), in a circle from the center to the edges of the layer

It is possible to change its center, the colors used and their number, or to use keyframes for even more control over the color interpolation.
You also can play with the opacity of each color in the gradient.


  • Gradient ( Color Gradient): Colorize with a color gradient
  • Ellipse (Ellipse): Position and shape of the radial gradient


Standard Presets: White -> Transparent, White -> Black and White -> Transparent Invert.

Advanced Presets: Invert Gradient, Japan Flag and Vertical Gradient.


2D: Stylize Effects.compo.

Animation: Simples animation Cues.compo.

3D: Mirror 3D modifier (with basic 3D compositing) .compo, NEW - Reflexion Probe.compo and NEW - Reflexion Probe 3.compo.


See also Linear Gradient and N-Points Gradient.