Linear Gradient
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Linear Gradient

2D Generator - This generator creates a linear gradient (by default from black to white), from top to bottom

It is possible to define its direction (start and end points), the colors used and their number in the gradient.
The colors in the gradient can be transparent.


  • Gradient ( Color Gradient): Colorize with a color gradient
  • Segment (2D Segment): The position of the begin and end points of the linear gradient


Standard Presets: Black -> Transparent, White -> Transparent, Rainbow (Keyframe), Transparent Rainbow (Keyframes), Black -> Transparent (Horizontal), White -> Transparent (Horizontal) and White -> Transparent (Diagonal).

Advanced Presets: Fire Mood, Fire Mood Horizontal, Galaxy, Horizontal Grey, King of Pink, Old Blue, Old Blue Horizontal, Old Purple, Rainbow, Sepia, Sienna, Summer Sky and Velvet Night.


2D: Linear Gradient.compo.

3D: FBX with modifiers.compo.

Particles: Particles colored by layer (Colorize layer and Emit Particles modifiers).compo, Particle Rules - Kill particle based on color (with Color condition).compo and Motion lines Modifier.compo.


See also Radial Gradient and N-Points Gradient.