2D Placement
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2D Placement

Defines a placement in 2D space

The placement of a layer can be specified in different ways depending on the type of placement that is selected. By default, 2D Layer use the Parametric, which is defined through position, scale and rotation parameters.


General placements:

Fit - Fill all available space

Parametric - Placement defined by Position, Scale, Rotation and Flip parameters

Placements based on a quad:

Perspective - Placement defined by a quad using perspective interpolation

Bilinear - Placement defined by a quad using bilinear interpolation

Perspective Remapping - Perspective mapping of an input quad to an output quad

Placements based on Bezier grids:

Bezier - Placement defined by a Bezier grid

Bezier Patch - Placement defined by a patch of Bezier grids