2D Mask
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2D Mask

Define a 2D Mask applicable on any 2D Renderer or 2D Modifier

2D masks can be applied on any 2D Modifier to modulate its application on a per-pixel basis. Traditional alpha-masking is obtained as a particular case of this, by using the modifier Mask.
Here is a short video to show the basics of mask manipulations, using Placements, edition mode and several little tricks :
Watch directly on youtube


  • Opacity (Percentage): Overall opacity of the 2d mask
  • Inverse (Boolean (on/off)): Enable this option to invert the 2d mask


Masks that are placed in 2D space:

Placement Mask - Solid mask that has a 2D Placement

Linear Mask - Mask defined through a linear fade along a segment

Radial Mask - Mask defined through an ellipse

Noise Mask - Mask defined through a Noise Function

Polygonal Mask - Define a 2D mask with a polygonal selection

Gradient Mask - Gradient Mask

Masks that depend on pixel attributes:

Color Mask - Select each pixel depending on its color

Depth Mask - Select each pixel depending on a associated depth-value

Other masks:

Function Mask - Compute a sub-mask and then apply a Function on it

Layer Mask - Turn any 2D generator into a mask

Group 2d Mask - Blend multiple 2d masks together