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For all Smode Edition different from Smode Synth, you can inspect and update your licensing.

All licensing information are available from the Edit Licenses button in the Smode status bar.

This will open the Smode License Windows:

This window show a tabs per license container (dongle or software license) named with their serial number.

In the header of the window, you will find the name of the currently licensed edition of Smode.

Bellow it is the current optional resolution unlock and its maximum resolution.

The two following lines display the progression and expiration time of both Smode and the current resolution unlock.

You can find all the software licenses or unlocks owned by the license container (physical dongle or software license), grouped under "Active licenses" and "Inactive licenses".

You can order extra resolution unlocks for Software by clicking on the "Go to online shop" button, and then sending to D-Labs a license update request file. You can generate those files with the "Generate license request" button.


Smode editions and resolution unlocks can have fixed start and end times, or can have custom Usage Period.

A Usage Period corresponds to the specific amount of time you ordered, that can be stored in a dongle and started when you required it.

If a license container contain a resolution unlock, you can start it at any time by using the Unlock button:

The following warning message will be displayed to prevent accidental activation:


After the activation of the Usage Period the license panel will display the activation time of the Period and its remaining time:

You can also see that the unlocked resolutions match the current maximum active resolution unlock.