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Smode handles data -- pictures, videos, 3d objects and Smode documents -- through the concept of media directories. A media directory is a shortcut to local hard-drive location. Every link to a data in Smode is stored as a relative path to one of those media directories. Thanks to this system of relative paths, Smode documents can be copied or moved from one computer to another one even if the hard-drive paths differ.

At any time, Smode maintains a cache of previews and metadatas of everything contained by the media directories. This enables to have previews for every data file.

In order to create your own compos, you will probably want to create your own media directory, like C:\Medias for example. This can be performed by right clicking on the background of the file editor and by selecting command Add Media Directory.

Another way to edit media directories is to access the Preferences panel by clicking on the Edit menu in the main tool bar and then selecting Preferences. Once the Preferences panel opened, click on the “Medias” tab:

By default, Smode has two media directories called Standard Pack and Examples. The Standard Pack is used for internal Smode usage like presets, previews and helper meshes. This media directory should never be removed. The examples directory contains the standard examples available in the quick start panel.

In the preference panel, you can use the Add button to add new media directories. After clicking on Apply Changes and closing the preferences panel, you can now explore your media database from the Medias tab.


If you want to add some content like pictures or videos to your media directory you need to do it on windows. You can also right click on the title of your media directory, click on “reveal in explorer” and add your new picture in the folder.


The Auto Save Row allow you to configure auto save activation and frequency.

By default, each unsaved document with pending modifications are auto saved within a minute period when Smode is not On Air.

If you encounter a hardware malfunction or ifyou delete or corrupt accidentally a Smode project .content file,

Smode will display the "Unrecognized document format" error message:

In this case you need to reveal the location of your corrupted Project in explorer


You will find in the project folder the .content file, containing the project data.

You will also find the .version folder containing the auto saves.

Sadly you cannot rename file starting with a dot with the Windows explorer.

The tricks here is to drag and drop AutoSave file and .content file in two different notepads.

Then select all the content of the AutoSave file by using [Ctrl]+[A] keyboard shortcut, then copy it into the clipboard with [Ctrl] + [C]

Then select all the content of the .content file by using [Ctrl]+[A] then overwrite it by the clipboard content with [Ctrl] + [V], then save the changes with [Ctrl]+[S].

This should save the day.