Editability and Optimisation
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Editability and Optimisation

Why lock some parts of your compo ?

By default all parameters of every elements in smode are editable at any time. This allow good flexibility but in intern it forces smode to assume that all parameters can be updated and sended to graphics card. To indicate to smode that you wont animate an element you can disable editability of an element by clicking on it's locker icon.

When doing this it create a new shader chain (this can cause a small lag) and optimise the parameters which are number and choices (combobox and checkbox). Note that for the moment only theses kind of paremeters are optimised all other aren't (vector), see below in green the optimised parameter when locking a Noise Mask and in red the parameter that aren't

Note that locking don't diable linked animation the variables concerned by animations are not optimised in any cases !

Locking the whole compo

If you have finnished your compo and showing it using (for exemple) a midi controller to animate it you can lock the whole compo in a single click by pushing the button LOCK.

Optimise all Boolean / Choices variables

It's also possible in smode to force optimisation (so generate a shader at every change) for all parameters of type "Choices" (Combo Box) or "Boolean" (Check Box). To do that got to Preferences > Engine > General > Graphics Context Configuration > Inline Shader Choices.