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Here you'll find a screenshot of every 3D layer's presets made until now by your humble servant.

How to select a preset

As Smode's geometries and particles are generally constituted of a generator many modifiers, and as there are somes that we've used a lot, we decided to make some presets out of them to spare you the work. 

A preset can be chosen directly from the menu by going over this nice icon :

Or afterward by chosing any one of them in the parameters editor :

Preset Libraries

Preset are stored in libraries.
You can find the standard libraries in the Standard pack tab (top-left of the main window), and in the "Presets" row.

A preset library can be included or not.
When included, the presets it contains will be accessible from the elemnt creation menus as well as in the element parameters.

To include / exclude a library, you can check / uncheck the checkbox next to it in the files editor, as shown in the image below:

How to edit a preset

Every preset is made of a sequence of modifiers and a generator with specific parameters. Let's take the first presets of the catalog "Circle Circus", this one is a presets of a Grid point générator made of a place modifier masked by a Perlin noise Layer mask, an emit particles, a repeat and a color function. If you want to modify it just add/substract/change a modifier.

Be also aware that changing a preset afterward (as explained above) will not affect the renderers (sprites points/surface/wireframe/lines etc.). So you can create a nice and shiny mesh surface shader, change the presets and it will still be there.

You can also notice in the screenshot below that the color function is actually also a preset and so, can be changed too to any other of the color function's presets without risks of breaking or changing anything up or parallel in the smode tree hierarchy.