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Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts in Smode can be found on menu Edit > Preferences > Keys and are all configurable:

Useful shortcuts

Some of the most frequently used shortcuts

Ctrl + N Create a new composition
Ctrl + Shitf + C Group elements in a sub-composition
Ctrl + Shift + G

Group several elements. Different types of groups exist: 3D groups, 2D Groups, Modifier groups (among others - lights, ect.). Each one will be automatically created with this shortcut depending on the objects you selected.

Sometimes you won't be able to Group different elements together. If that happens, try to group elements of the same types together and then drag and drop the other elements inside the group, to see if they are compatible.

Ctrl + Shift + A Add a new renderer on any 2D Layer (image, video, composition, generative layer) in order to display it several times without additional rendering cost
Spacebar Activate / deactivate the selected element
M and shift + M Automatically expand the tree to the next / previous mask and select it
P and Shift + P Automatically expand the tree to the next / previous placement and select it
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + W Enable / disable output. You'll love this one in some situations

Timeline shortcuts

When manipulating keyframes in Smode, here are some shortcuts you may find quite useful

Shift + Move cursor Enables snapping for operations like keyframe or track creation or shifting
Alt + Click Create a new keyframe on the clicked track, or a point on the curve
Ctrl + Click

Change the keyframe interpolation between linear / smooth / bezier / ease / step.

To change input or output interpolation, ctrl+click on the left / right of the key. If both interpolation are linked (as it is by default), both in and out interpolations will change at all times.

F Fit to screen, to display all values inside current view, either in curve or tracks mode

Camera shortcuts

To move a camera in 3D view

Alt + Drag mouse Rotate around center

Alt + Right Click(or)


Zoom / Unzoom camera
Ctrl + Alt + Middle click

Translate view

F Focus the camera on the currently selected object