Animation with Cues
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Animation with Cues

Okay, so you have a beautiful composition on your hands, but it is lifeless. What can you do ? Well, there is a solution for that: animation.

Animation in Smode can be done in two major ways: using cues, and using timelines. Both of those are stored in an Animation bank.


Cues are used to create an animation system that's targeting live shows. They are building blocks, which when assembled together create a big interactive and dynamic animation. That animation is semi automatic, meaning it will wait for the input of a technician to continue its execution, or to bypass part of the animation.

Using cues, you can create very powerful animation setups to use in a live event or in installations. You can also use them to create short and independent animations in your compo. If you want to animate content in a more linear and standard way, like a movie (where only one timeline exists and the animation looks exactly the same when you play it a second time), you should read about how to do Animation with Timelines.