Automation Keys
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Automation Keys

Here are every useful keys and manipulations you can do with timelines in Smode.

As Smode is constantly evolving some new features may not be in this documentation. Anyway, as we try to keep the user interface consistant, trying to do alt+click or ctrl+click on some parameters / keys or trying right click everywhere can lead to new tricks we may have developed but not yet documented.

For instance Ctrl+Click on tracks allow to enable their built-in opacity feature :

Also remember that


Mousewheel Zoom In / Zoom Out
middle click Scroll view
F Focus view on a track/curve (s)

Keys and Shortcuts

J Jump to previous Key
K Jump to next Key

-Change keyframe interpolation (if input/output interpolators of a keyframe are unlinked, doing this manipulation to a side of the keyframe will change only input or output interpolators)

-Create a track (only on an element such as a composition / video Layer etc.)


- Add clicked element to selection

- Create a build-in opacity curves (on the extremities of a track)

U Switch Tracks / Curves
Left/Right+Shift Move selected keys forward / backward in time 1 (or 10) frames
Ctrl+ (shift) + left / right

Jump 1 (or 10) frames forwards / backwards


Create keyframe / track at current time


Split the selected track in current time


Select every Keys / Tracks inside timeline


Enable the snapping tool as long as "shift" key is pressed