3D Layers
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3D Layers

The structure of 3D Layers follows the same logic as this of 2D Layers: they contain a generator, a stack of modifiers that can be modulated through masks and renderers that can have local modifiers. The main difference is that instead of acting on 2D images, these 3D components operate on geometries.

  • 3D generators: The Generator of a 3D layer represents a source of geometry. It can either be a 3D primitive generated by Smode, a particle system, an imported FBX file or a vectorial spline in SVG format.
  • 3D modifiers: A 3D layer contains a chain of modifiers that are sequentially applied to the geometry. Smode provides a wide number of 3D modifiers ranging from simple placement operations to advanced particles and geometry deformers.
  • 3D masks: Any 3D modifier in Smode can be modulated with 3D masks that define for every vertex the level of application of the modifier. These masks can depend on all vertex attributes: position, normal, uv coordinate, color, etc.
  • 3D renderers: Once the geometry or particle system is modified, it gets rendered by the Renderers of the 3D layer. By default there is one such renderer, but its easy to duplicate it to get the geometry displayed multiple times. Each renderer has an opacity and a blending mode and it is possible to add local modifiers to renderers by transforming them into groups (Ctrl+Shift+G).
  • Cameras:You want to move around your 3D scene ? No problems, here, take this camera...