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Import an *.fbx file into Smode

You cannot modelize what you want in Smode !?

Shame on you ! But well... that's why the FBX file import exists.



- The FBX must be exported from your prefered 3D software in binary, the older FBX sdk used to export the better (from maya the 2010 binary export works well, from blender, 7.4 binary works well too).

- Smode does not take in account any animation.

- Import of lights / Cameras can still have issues. This is related to the SDK.


How to Import an FBX file

Put your FBX into a media directory that already exists or add it in the Preferences > Medias Directories.

Then Drag and Drop your file :


You can either Import or reference the fbx file :

- Reference is straight forward, you'll get a referenced fbx viewed as a single object by Smode. It will update automatically when your file changes.

- Import will copy the FBX inside of the compo, as an owned geometry.

We advise you to use a reference over import when you can. Import should be used if you want to mirror you scene hierarchy inside your compo, or have your mesh separated by materials.

After importing it, you cannot update your mesh without reimporting it and applying your modifications to it again.


Import options

Smode will keep the FBX hierarchy, so if you don't want to be flooded by intermediate objects in your tree, you can combine them during the import.



Here you go, have fun !