Baking compo into videos
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Baking compo into videos

Note: Baking compo into videos is not available in Smode Synth version

Setting your baking directory

Before baking any compo you need to set a baking directory that will contains all bakes files of your compos. This setting is located here: Edit > Preferences > Medias > Media Directories Configuration > Baked Files Directory.

  • When the compo is consolidated all the baked files are saved inside the compo folder to make it easy to copy.
  • When you rebake a compo the previous file is not erased (unless your compo is consolidated) !

How to use the video compo baker

Just right clic on your compo and select "Bake Into Video". Smode will use the compo timeline to generate a video using the compo timeline.

This will enable the proxy and launch a baking task you can see the progression here:

Using proxy will lock editability of all children elements of your compo:

To disable the proxy (return to realtime mode) and restore the editability of the elements uncheck use proxy from the right clic menu:

Note that the usage of the proxy and the rebaking of a compo are separated: once you have finnished your editing and re-enabled the proxy, you need to manually relaunch the baking task by using "Rebake" right-clic menu entry, otherwise it will use the lastest baled file available.