Playing videos in Smode
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Playing videos in Smode

Note: Playing videos is not available in Smode Synth Version

Can I play any kind of videos in Smode ?

You can play videos that are in .mov and .avi files (mov is recommended), encoded with some specific codecs.


What codecs can Smode use ?

Apple ProRes, QuickTime animation, QuickTime jpeg, and Hap (possibility of an alpha layer with HapAlpha).


What are the best codecs to use ?

Hap for diffusion - efficient playback, great quality and possibility of an alpha layer. Cons: heavier files and very long encoding.

ProRes for compositing - fast encoding. Cons: less efficient playback, lower quality.


Are there limitations to the number of videos that can be played simultaneously ?

In Smode Synth, there is a limit to the video streaming abilities (equivalent to one Full HD video).

Otherwise, the hardware is the only limit (on Smode Station, the hardware limit is 2 x 4k video at 50fps, 8 x FullHD at 60fps or 16 x FullHD at 25fps).


How do I prepare a video for playback in Smode ?

You need to ensure the file is a .mov file, using HAP or ProRes as a codec (the first one for diffusion and the second one for Compositing).

To convert any video to that format, you can use tools such as Vidox's AV Batch Exporter (free), Adobe's Media Encoder or After Effects.

You need to activate straight alpha when exporting with Hap Alpha codec from a third party software. For instance, in Adobe After Effect, select the following options:


How do I add a video to my composition in Smode ?

You can simply drag and drop the video file from the file tree, into your composition.


How can I play a video ?

There is a Transport parameter in the 2D video layer. You can press play on that transport, or manually control the playback by changing its position.

The Transport shows the current displayed frame and the video file's duration in the SMPTE time format.


Can I play a video from a timeline ?

Sure ! You just need to create a track in front of the 2D video layer (Alt + click).

That track will match the transport of the video, and play it when the timeline is playing. It will seek in the video when you seek in the timeline..