2D Layers
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2D Layers

A 2D Layer works by generating an image, modifying it and rendering it. Here is the overall structure of Smode layers:

  • 2D generators: The Generator of a 2D layer represents a source of images. It can either be a still image, a video, a video input stream or a shader generating an image in real-time.
  • 2D modifiers: A 2D layer contains a chain of modifiers that are applied to the image of the Generator. A wide number of 2D modifiers are provided ranging simple colorimetry operations to advanced stylization effects.
  • 2D masks: Any 2D modifier in Smode can be modulated with 2D masks that define for every pixel the level of application of the modifier. Masks enable numerous applications from traditional transparency-masking to advanced modulation of stylisation effects.
  • 2D renderers: Once the image is modified, it gets rendered by the Renderers of the layer. By default there is one such renderer, but it's very easy to duplicate it to get the layer displayed multiple times (without nearly any additional cost). Each renderer has an opacity and a blending mode and it is possible to add local modifiers on renderers.